Discover The Clinically Proven 4-Week Health & Wellness Protocol for Igniting Your Metabolism, Shedding Unwanted Weight, and Staying Lean for LIFE!

A groundbreaking new book from NY Times bestselling author and world-renowned naturopathic physician, Dr. Alan Christianson

The Metabolism Reset Diet helps you:

  • Trigger Rapid Weight Loss (By cleansing and restoring key organs in the body so you can actually turn all the food you eat into ENERGY instead of storing it as FAT)
  • Restore Your Liver To Optimal Function (Along With All The Other Organs Essential To A Healthy Metabolism)
  • Reduce & Eliminate Food Cravings (By Feeding Your Body What It Truly Wants)
  • Experience Incredible Physical Energy & Mental Clarity (No More Afternoon Crash or Brain Fog)
  • Improve Your Digestion (Say Goodbye To Bloating and Inflammation)
  • And More...

In as little as 4 weeks!

It’s already helped thousands of frustrated dieters restore their bodies to the “naturally lean” state that is your genetic heritage...

And now you can join them.

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Dr. Christianson and his all natural programs and protocols have been premiered on...

Is Your Liver Making You Fat?

You work hard to stay fit and eat well, yet you just can’t keep the weight off. You’ve tried countless diets, and they’ve all failed you.

If this sounds familiar, you need to remember...

It’s not your fault.

See, after a lifetime of being exposed, against your will, to toxins in your food, water, and environment...

Your liver has lost the ability to process food properly… and instead of burning it as energy, your body stores it as fat.

But it’s not too late to restore your liver to its natural, healthy state… and the 4 week program that Dr. Alan Christianson lays out for you in The Metabolism Reset Diet will show you how.

The protocol in this book is the result of hundreds of clinical trials with thousands of participants...

And there’s no arguing the results: In just 4 weeks, the average weight lost was 13 pounds and a “waist loss” of 2.5 inches!

Dr. C’s methodology is more than a diet… it’s a clear path to transforming your body and your life.

Imagine, in as little as 4 weeks, regaining metabolic flexibility and joining the ranks of the naturally lean...

It’s completely possible — and you’ll learn exactly how in Dr. C’s groundbreaking new book, The Metabolism Reset Diet.

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7 Episodes Of The “Hidden Fat Loss Factor” Instructional Cooking Video Series

Dr. C has created an exclusive series of instructional cooking videos for readers who pre-order The Metabolism Reset Diet.

Plus Downloadable Recipes

Get all the bonus recipes in beautiful printable format, so you can reference them anytime, anywhere you want.

These recipes have been carefully designed down to the last ingredients, and are tailored to address the 7 Hidden Fat Loss Factors:

  • Thyroid Resistance
  • Fat Storing Genes
  • Cortisol Slope
  • Sleep Apnea
  • Muscle Loss
  • Skinny Flora
  • Estrogen Reset

Any or ALL of these issues could be contributing to your struggles with weight loss. In the bonus videos, you’ll learn how to identify which of them apply to you, and how you can easily treat the issue with simple, delicious, home cooking.

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To Get The Results You Deserve You Must Follow A Plan That’s Been Proven To Work

Top Experts Agree...

Dr. Izabella Wentz
NYT Bestselling Author of Hashimoto's Protocol

“Dr. Christianson is my go-to expert when it comes to healthy liver function and natural weight loss. THE METABOLISM RESET DIET will empower you to take back your health!”

Sara Gottfried M.D.
NYT Bestselling Author of The Hormone Cure, The Hormone Reset Diet, and Younger

“We take our liver for granted, but it holds the key to our metabolism. Dr. Christianson reveals the secret life of your liver and shows how you can optimize it for life in The Metabolism Reset Diet.”

Anthony Youn, MD, FACS.
America's Holistic Beauty Doc™ and author of The Age Fix

“This is your ultimate guide to getting the body and health that you deserve."

How You'll Transform

Heal Your Liver

Your liver is the key to healthy skin, physical energy, and sustained weight loss.

Shrink Your Waist

The meal plan helps you shed excess pounds and drop inches off your waist quickly and easily.

Stabilize Your Energy

Sleep better, maintain mental clarity all day, and eliminate food cravings.

Is Chronic Dieting Keeping You Fat?

If your liver is clogged and you’re having trouble losing weight, chances are you’ve been experiencing the frustrations of the...

Chronic Dieter

A few months after dieting, you end up:

  • Heavier than before.
  • Often craving food, crashing, and feeling “hangry.”
  • Always looking for the next “fad diet” in hopes that it might finally be the one that works for you.

It’s discouraging and always ends up at a dead end for your weight loss...

But if you restore your body and reset your metabolism to its natural, healthy state, you could very quickly discover how fun life is when you’re...

Naturally Lean

After just 4 weeks following The Metabolism Reset Diet, you end up:

  • Dropping pounds of fat and losing inches off your waist (and keeping them off with ease)
  • Better able to detoxify environmental wastes (improving your complexion and your digestion)
  • Experiencing steady weight and energy levels despite normal fluctuations in food intake (so you can splurge on vacation or the holidays without any worry or guilt)

Meet Dr. Alan Christianson

Hi, I’m Dr. Alan Christianson, naturopathic physician and bestselling author of The Adrenal Reset Diet.

I was born with symptoms of cerebral palsy and was obese as a child. From a very young age I started teaching myself about the healing power of food, and was able to gain a level of physical health no one else thought possible for me.

As I got healthier, my life transformed, and I dedicated my life to learning how to help others transform their lives just as I had.

Listen… I know how painful it is when you feel your body has betrayed you. I know how precious health is, and how painful it is to not to have it.

I also know how critical it is to get the right help in your journey toward healing.

Most importantly, I know that even if you feel beyond hope… you CAN still get better.

If you’re beyond hope now, please reread that.

If what I just said resonated with you, you’re ready to join me on your journey back to the healthy body and the vibrant life you know you’re meant for.

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